Best Non-Toxic Concealer

MS BEAUTY is hands down my favorite non-toxic and organic makeup brand. The product we’ll briefly talk about today is the “un” cover-up concealer. You can use it solely as a concealer or an all over fondation. It is not a “full” coverage concealer but it is build-able.

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Getting Closer!

I am so proud to announce within the next few weeks elya products will be ready to launch! This has been a long and scary journey that I still can’t believe is coming to life.

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Tanya Valente
Natural Deodorant – To Do or Not to Do?

I never thought in a million years that I would ever talk let alone use natural deodorant. There is such a taboo around natural deodorant that people who use it don’t smell good. I figured I would try it out because well let’s be honest aluminum seeping into my skin wasn’t all that appealing either.

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